Feng Shui in The Garden

In feng shui, water is a universal sign of abundance. Including an object that defines this element is a must in every home of those who want to be prosperous. When adding a water feature in your garden – like a feng shui fountain or a bird bath – according to the rules of feng shui, you need to follow these simple tips.

Determine where to place it

Unless you have a large body of water near your home, like a river or the ocean, it is important where you place the Water element on your garden. You need to first draw your whole home, including the garden and backyard. Then, create a three-by-three grid of the whole area. This determines the eight directions of your home. Add the water feature on the North side of your garden. If that would be impossible, the East or Southeast areas can also work.

Meanwhile, avoid placing your fountain on the South area, as this direction is connected to your fame and reputation, which is fueled by the Fire element. You do not want to douse your Fire element with water, do you?

Also, it is not advisable to put a water feature inside your bedroom, even though it faces a recommended direction for Water element. Water would bring the energy of worry into your bedroom.

Where it flows?

It is just as important to determine the flow of your water element. Fountains that bring water out from the top are okay for feng shui, but what about fountains that slope towards a certain direction? Let the flow of these fountains go towards your main door. This is what they meant with water flowing in, as you are letting the wealth flow to your door, not away from it.

Strengthen the energy

For a more powerful effect, place some crystals that are appropriate to your sign into the fountain. This aims to strengthen the beneficial energy brought by fountains.

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